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I meet the needs of the times in "technology" and "know-how".
Of the resin press working
As a company
The friend who works together
I demand it.
Because it is a relatively lightweight product, the sex ratio is almost half-and-half,
In addition, including a woman employee to finish delivery and child care, and to return,
I realize the regular staff employment of all the members.

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News of the exhibition of "Messe Nagoya 2019"
Exhibition to new business exchange meeting "Messe Nagoya 2019" was decided.
Across the frame of a type of industry and the business condition, I raise the exhibition from the wide field, and Messe Nagoya is the Japan's biggest business exhibit space planning cross-industrial association.
Messe Nagoya 2019 is held in the following schedules.
■Messe Nagoya 2019
Period: From Wednesday, November 6, 2019 to 9th Saturday
A holding place: Port Messe Nagoya (Kinjofutou, Nagoya)
I look forward to your visit.
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