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I meet the needs of the times in "technology" and "know-how".
Of the resin press working
As a company
The friend who works together
I demand it.
Because it is a relatively lightweight product, the sex ratio is almost half-and-half,
In addition, including a woman employee to finish delivery and child care, and to return,
I realize the regular staff employment of all the members.

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Acceptance of Aichi tekunikarubijitto enrolled in the possible company
Acceptance of tekunikarubijitto (industrial inspection, tour of the plant, company visit) of Aichi enrolled in the possible company.
Apply for the one with the interest from a one stop office.
The establishment of the one stop office is around the end of May. I notify you some other time if established.
Aichi, Nagoya MICE promotion meeting HP tekunikarubijitto
List of tekunikarubijitto acceptance
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