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I meet the needs of the times in "technology" and "know-how".
Of the resin press working
As a company
The friend who works together
I demand it.
Because it is a relatively lightweight product, the sex ratio is almost half-and-half,
In addition, including a woman employee to finish delivery and child care, and to return,
I realize the regular staff employment of all the members.
I contribute to the society by manufacturing, the making of person.
Yamada Seisakusho founded by the clockface processing of the car meter sent a lot of products including resin press parts, insulator processing parts to the car industry as a leading company of the nonmetal resin press to assume processing of Bakelite main. There are not many companies producing insulation parts including the Bakelite processing mainly in Japan, but puts the globalization including the dispatch to the foreign countries in the field of vision without contenting itself with demand in the country while keeping the superiority alive. Work on the needs of the diversifying customer by various approach without forgetting a challenge. And become "the necessary company" for not only Japan but also the world. I will move forward from now on as the company where I can contribute to for a customer by meeting the needs of the times in technology and know-how from founding in 62.

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