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I meet the needs of the times in "technology" and "know-how".
Of the resin press working
As a company
The friend who works together
I demand it.
Because it is a relatively lightweight product, the sex ratio is almost half-and-half,
In addition, including a woman employee to finish delivery and child care, and to return,
I realize the regular staff employment of all the members.

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I had the approval of the medium and small-sized business management innovation plan.
I had the approval of the management innovation plan from Aichi
On June 25, 2020
Medium and small-sized businesses gave the approval of the management innovation plan to me by a rule of management reinforcement law (1999 law No. 18) Article 14 Paragraph 1 from Aichi.
The management innovation plan theme becomes "the realization of the decoration product by the introduction of the TOM method of construction".
Quotation: From a list of Aichi management innovation plan approval companies (Aichi homepage)
Yamada Seisakusho will push forward research and development with other nucleuses business in order to make the new business called the decoration product one axis.
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